Pastoral Staff

Ministry Leaders

David Pitman: Senior Pastor
Saved in 1964 and ordained in 1977, Pastor David Pitman has earned numerous degrees from Temple Baptist College in Springdale, Ohio, including a Masters of Divinity in 1983. He received his Doctorate in Theology from Patriot University in 1993. Bro. Pitman spent 14 years as the pastor of the Temple Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and accepted the call to pastor the Addyston Baptist Church in 1999. Bro. Pitman and his wife, Kym, have four children.
Ed Kittle: Assistant Pastor, Director of Senior Ministries
Bro. Ed Kittle was saved and baptized in the Addyston Baptist Church in 1957. He completed studies at the University of Cincinnati, Lexington Baptist College, and Clarksville Baptist College, ultimately earning a Doctorate of Theology from Temple Baptist College in 1997. During this time he pastored over five churches and spent 15 years on the mission field in Brazil. He and his wife, Connie, currently direct the seniors ministry called Primetimers.
Philip duBarry: Assistant Pastor, Director of Children's Ministries
Saved as a young child, Bro. duBarry surrendered to preach in 1993. He earned a B. A. in Elementary Education from Middle Tennessee State University in 1999, a B. A. in Religious Education from Kentucky Mountains Baptist College in 2001 and a Masters from John Leland Baptist College in 2010. He began serving the church as Director of Children's Ministries in 2000, and he was ordained in 2006. He and his wife, Karen, have four girls.
Russ McCord: Director of Youth Ministries
Bro. McCord came to know the Lord as a teenager in 1973 at a Sunday evening youth rally. He later graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Mechanization. Since then he has been employed with Consolidated Grain and Barge in the Cincinnati area. Bro. McCord became an ordained deacon in June of 2000 and accepted the leadership of the youth ministry in August 2002, where he seeks to teach vital Bible truths to teenagers.
Rex Hensley: Pastor Emeritus
Bro. Hensley was saved in 1956 and called to preach two years later. In 1962 he graduated from Lexington Baptist College. He became the pastor of Addyston Baptist Church shortly thereafter, serving here for just over 32 years. In this time he and his wife, Betty, saw tremendous growth and many blessings. Bro. Hensley earned a Th. B. from the Cincinnati Bible College in 1969 and D. D. degrees from Kentucky Mountains Baptist College and Temple Baptist College soon after. He also completed studies at the University of Cincinnati and Hebrew Union College. He currently serves the church as Pastor Emeritus.